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Does iRESTORE work for women with thinning hair?Updated 6 months ago

Unlike many conventional hair treatment therapies, the iRESTORE Laser Hair Growth System can be safely used by both men and women. The iRESTORE system uses low-level light therapy to regrow hair by improving cell metabolism and increasing energy efficiency at the follicular level. This causes hair to grow back thicker, fuller, and healthier. The light energy stimulates and nourishes the hair follicles to fight breakage from dry, brittle hair. Many women love to use the iRESTORE to help regain the hair volume, shine, and body they desire. Our system is designed to be used by anyone looking to improve their appearance effectively and safely with no negative side effects. 

We also want to give you a third-party review that came from one of our actual users. Below is a testimonial from Shelley Zurek, a writer who runs the blog at (you can check out her review of the iRESTORE by clicking here). We saw her great results and reached out to her to share a video with her honest opinions of the iRESTORE Laser Hair Growth System, as well as her photos. Watch the video below now to learn about her experience with laser therapy.

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