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Hair Growth with iRESTORE

Learn how iRESTORE device light technology is optimal for treating hair loss

Is it too late for me to start using iRESTORE?

In order for low-level light therapy (LLLT) to work, you cannot be completely bald. The hair follicles must still be alive; otherwise, laser therapy may not be effective. As long as you still have hair, even thin hair, laser therapy may be beneficial

What's the difference between lasers and LEDs?

Lasers emit coherent light and can be transmitted over longer distances as they focus on a single point. LEDs tend to distribute their power over a larger area, without the traveling effect of laser. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) tend to target and af

Will iRESTORE promote a reduction in hair loss?

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) uses a scientific process to fight hair loss and promote hair growth by stimulating cell metabolism at the follicular level. This treats genetic hair loss and allows users to have long-term success without experiencing

What if iRESTORE doesn't work for me?

While we expect low-level laser therapy to help most hair loss sufferers improve hair conditions and promote growth, inevitably, a small percentage of users may not see significant results. Unfortunately, it's impossible to truly know whether your ha

Are the lasers harmful?

We use low-level lasers (Class 3R). Laser diodes are safe and have been used for decades. Cold lasers are non-invasive, however all lasers can harm you if you look directly at them. The lasers do not emit heat or radiation––the treatment is completel

Do only lasers work for hair regrowth? I heard LEDs aren't effective.

It's a misconception that LEDs don't work. Lasers have NOT been clinically shown to be more effective than LEDs. In fact, it's been clinically shown that the combination of lasers and LEDs is effective for treating hair loss. Just look at our before

Can laser therapy be used with other hair loss products?

Physicians believe that laser therapy can be safely used with other hair products. In fact, many physicians have reported that laser therapy can help improve the effects of other hair loss solutions because it can increase cell metabolism rate and el

Why might longer treatment times (i.e. 12 minutes) be more effective than shorter ones (i.e. 6 minutes)?

Our engineers believe longer treatment times are more beneficial because more time allows more light energy to be delivered and absorbed by your follicles to stimulate hair growth.Imagine if you’re sitting in the sun for 12 minutes versus just 6 minu

Is low-level light therapy (LLLT) safe for me?

Our devices are FDA 510k-cleared for safety and efficacy. The power level is very low (almost like sunlight) and not known to cause harm. Our products have been quality-assured and tested for safety by the world renowned Intertek Labs. We've also con

Can you combine iRESTORE with other treatments?

Yes, you can. Or you can use it on its own. Our customers have reported seeing better results by combining iRESTORE with other hair loss treatments, such as our REVIVE Max Growth Kit.

I heard only lasers work and LEDs don't. Is it true?

It's a myth and simply not true. LEDs are highly effective and backed by over 50 years of NASA research and thousands of studies. Clinically, both lasers and LEDs have shown to combat hair loss. LEDs, unlike lasers, cover a broader scalp surface area

Why might longer treatment times (i.e. 25 minutes) be more effective than shorter ones (i.e. 6 minutes)?

Think of it like exercising: 25 minutes versus 6 minutes. Which will yield greater benefits? The longer treatment time means a greater dose of light energy is absorbed by your hair follicles to increase stimulation. Our engineers advise against short

How do I know if this will work for me?

While iRESTORE benefits around 85% of our users, individual results will vary. Our clinical study showed an average hair count boost of 43.2% over 4 months. The best way to gauge its effectiveness? Try it today with our 365-day at-home trial.

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