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What's the difference between lasers and LEDs?Updated 6 months ago

Lasers emit coherent light and can be transmitted over longer distances as they focus on a single point. LEDs tend to distribute their power over a larger area, without the traveling effect of laser. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) tend to target and affect local tissues that are exposed to the light. From a short distance, lasers and LEDs may behave very similarly and deliver energy in a similar way. Because it's not coherent light, LEDs can actually use higher power at healing wavelengths and not cause harm, especially since we use high-quality LEDs to maintain the required energy levels. All light sources are designed and positioned close to the scalp to allow hair follicles to receive the proper light energy to promote hair growth.

The iRESTORE uses the combination of both lasers and LEDs to deliver photons to the scalp to reach both the superficial tissue and the deeper tissues (hair follicles). LEDs work along with lasers to provide wider coverage to the full scalp. The LEDs iRESTORE uses are powerful medical-grade LEDs near monochromatic light, which have properties very similar to lasers yet still providing broad stimulation of the scalp to ensure exposure of all hair follicles to the light energy.

Here's a video from Dr. Larsen, a laser and light therapy specialist, explaining the difference between lasers and LEDs and why they are effective for hair growth.

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